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"An excellent point-and-click adventure in which magnificent graphics, sound design, music, puzzles, and voice acting are yoked together."

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Welcome to Meow Meow Furrington, capital city of cats, home of the world's biggest ball of yarn...and hotbed of crime. You are Cuddles Nutterbutter, feline private investigator and owner of two perfectly normal-sized paws, the doctor said so.

After agreeing to take on a last-minute case for the Chief of Police, you and your plucky assistant find yourselves investigating a murder that risks upsetting the careful balance between the city's two most powerful crime families: the Montameeuws and the Catulets.

Cuddles will need to use every skill he's learned - as well as his definitely-not-smaller-than-average paws - to poke, lick and talk his way through to the heart of the mystery...before some very powerful cats decide to take matters into their own paws. Which, to clarify, are absolutely regular-sized.

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